Buck’s off-grid cabin, Cora,WY

This cabin is tucked away in the open ranch country  on the west slope of the  Wind River Range.  It is a big, modern home and needs lots of power.  It is a  remote second home, so it has to maintain it’s self reliably when not occupied.  It has moderate passive solar design, plus gas heating backup.   It is also a smart home, with a security system, cameras,  and interior control systems, so it has a small but consistent power draw.

Solar Array:  two pole mounts, each carrying  about 3000W of  high-performance LG solar modules. Pole mounts can be tipped steeply to shed the snow quickly  in winter, and it is possible for the homeowner to clean off the snow easily with a plastic roof-rake.

Inverter system: Outback Radian 8000W, 120/240V AC  output.IMG_3718

Battery system: 10 Simpli-phi Li-ferro phosphate batteries, about 38 KwHr of storage.

Metering, monitoring and controls: Outback Optics RE monitor, plus owner’s environmental and security devices,  plus web-linked Kohler generator, all communicate via cellular data to the owner and system administrator.

Buck's Optics Re window

Results: when it is sunny, the house maintains itself very well when occupied, with very little gen run time. In the depth of winter, perhaps 6 weeks, when it is very snowy and cloudy, and the house is not occupied, only very occasional gen run time is required to keep the battery up.  When the house is occupied during this time,  it may require daily generator run time, until the sun comes out again.