Natural Resource Consultants

Natural Resource Consultants is run by Charles Woodward, who has been a renewable energy contractor for over 35 years. He now consults to individuals and the electrical trades.

It is the evolved version of Natural Resource Company, the original contracting business.  Currently, Charles provides his design knowledge and project management skills, as well as sourcing  equipment, and Scott Wusinich and the crew of 98 Electric,  an electrical contracting form  licensed in Idaho and Wyoming, does the installations.

Natural Resource Co.consults,designs, sells and installs solar electric, wind, hydro, and green  renewable energy systems in Idaho, Wyoming, Montana and Belize, for homes, businesses, ranches, resorts, RV’s,stock water pumping,  including on-grid and off-grid solar electric applications, since 1976.

Contact us for your renewable energy projects and needs.

Check out our projects, and learn all about Renewable Energy, solar energy, wind power and water power by reading through the following pages!  We do turn-key systems for homeowners  or kits for the professional.  Tiny 12 volt cabins to remote trophy homes!  RV’s to dude ranches and tropical island resorts!  Naturally, we supply batteries,  inverters and all the balance of system products too.

  Are you ready to own and operate your own power company?

Teton County Library Array

Teton County Library Array


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